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About the Examination..

SLAT is an online law exam organised by the Symbiosis Institute of Technology that determines the aptitude of law students. With this exam, the student gets the opportunity to take admitted to the prestigious Symbiosis university and becomes a professional in the field of law. But to clear this examination, hard work and determination are a must. Now many students often struggle to prepare for this examination. For them taking SLAT online/offline classes is an essential measure that they can implement to ensure that they get good scores in this examination.

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Eligibility Criteria..

If you are a candidate who is willing to take part in this examination, then here are some of the essential key points that you should be aware of prior to considering taking this examination. In the first place, you need to get good grades in senior secondary or 12th class from a reputed and recognised board. As of 2023, there is no specific age limit eligibility for students to take this examination. It becomes essential to note that you are required to fill up the online examination form and fill out the prospective steps of registration as a whole. It becomes important that students be aware if they are eligible for slat 2023. Candidates who fill up the admission form need to take the necessary steps, such as uploading relevant documents and submitting application form fees.

Accordingly, the students need to have a glance at the relevant examination-based instruction and need to follow the relevant procedure as a whole. Now depending upon the proximity of the location of your choice, you can select the examination centre that suits your requirement.

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Know the basics..

Now it becomes crucial to have a proper understanding based on the examination pattern as a whole. To be specific, there is a specific form of examination pattern that is followed. The entire examination is completed in online mode. Furthermore, it is important to note that there is no negative marking involved around the paper. The total number of questions that the students are required to complete is 60, where each question has a weightage of one mark.
Now the slat syllabus comprises 5 subjects as a whole.
In the first place, there is logical reasoning, where the overall rational thinking of an individual is analysed in a proper manner. Furthermore, there is the legal reason where the overall understanding of various logical thinking of the individuals is properly analysed. Accordingly, there is analytical thinking, where the overall aspect based on the analysis of the individual is properly studied and analysed as a whole. Besides, the subjects based on law require students need to read lengthy case studies, and hence it becomes essential that the students also are expected to learn about the analytical reasoning around subjects based on law. Accordingly, the general knowledge of various topics related to law provides a holistic understanding that the student is required to complete and understand in order to become a successful professional in the field of law.

What do we Offer..

Now the students who aspire to take admitted to the prestigious symbiosis university for law-related studies need to have a proper and holistic understanding based around the topics related to law. As a result, it also becomes essential that students are well-prepared to take the SLAT examination. Now we would like to inform the readers about the advantages that the student can obtain when they take the help of Law Paathshala for SLAT coaching. In the first place, their subject-wise preparation is provided to the students. As a result, the mock paper was provided to the students. Hence, students are privy to their strengths and weakness that they are required to complete as a part of their examination preparation strategy. Besides, the students are also trained to give an examination. To be specific, Law Paathshala students are expected to complete numerous mock papers based on the format of the SLAT examination. Therefore with such details, the students are able to obtain a proper understanding of various conceptual aspects that are essential to clear the examination. 

In addition to completion of the examination the students are also assigned a proper mentor who guides and provides them proper assistance with regard to the different measures that the students can utilise to give this examination. Therefore the students become well prepared on giving the examination and thus are well prepared when they are taking the examination. Along with that the students are provided with proper counselling when they take SLAT coaching from Law Paathshala.

Why students love to take our course..

There are numerous reasons because of why students prefer to take the services of law paathshala as a part of their examination preparation strategy. Here are some of the reasons:

  • We have showcased consistent results for the examination based on SLAT. Many students have obtained quality results for their results.
  • We provide quality counselling to students who wish to appear in these examinations as a whole.
  • In addition to SLAT, the students can obtain MH-CET law online classes to ensure proper grades for their respective projects as a whole.
  • Students can also ensure to obtain good quality assistance when it comes to counselling with which they are able to get good scores for their examinations.

In conclusion, it can be said that the competition of various examinations in the field of law is very high, and thus they often seek assistance such as CLAT UG Online classes and CLAT PG Online Coaching. Hence, by taking the help of Law Paathshala, the students can ensure that they are able to obtain best-in-class assistance when it comes to the completion of various assessment-based competitions in the field of law. We thoroughly suggest you contact us and raise your concerns regarding the project’s completion as a whole. We assure you that you will get good results for your respective examination in various competitive examinations based on law.

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